The Hospitality industry has been one of the hardest hit in the wake of the social distancing measures that were put in place by government in their attempt to manage and mitigate risks faced by the high transmission rates of the COVID-19 virus.

Restaurants, Bars & Hotels were shut down over night and only now are beginning to re-open. A key to the success of any Hospitality business’ re-opening plan will include the social distancing measures, disinfecting protocols and PPE products that will now need to be incorporated while still delivering the quality, comforting and memorable experiences patrons are expecting.

HAND SANITIZER – Hundreds if not thousands of touch-points throughout your business involve the need for hand interactions. Give customers that additional peace of mind by empowering them with your company’s pocket sized, custom branded hand sanitizer solution (fully branded 30mL, 60mL & sachets options available). Additionally having Hand Sanitizer Gel conveniently on hand at entrances, hostess & check-in desks with a 1L bottle with convenient hand pump  immediately conveys to customers the reassurance that you are doing your part to help provide a safe experience so they can focus on enjoying their time with you.

GLOVES – the timeless, simple and effective solution used across many industries. Both Nitrile and Vinyl options are available for all your food prep, serving, cleaning and maintenance needs.

MASKS – serve to protect in busy spaces as well as in common cleaning and maintenance realities. Providing your front of house with a Fashion Mask effectively conveys your commitment to safety without the medical industry look. While the provision of Triple Layer Surgical and KN95 options to your back of house and maintenance staff will effectively help protect them and provide a safer environment.

If you are a Canadian Restaurant, Bar, Food Service Business and/or Hotel then you may qualify for instant additional savings on Custom Branded products. Speak to an Account Manager today for a product package tailored to your brand and business!

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