Let’s Get Back to Business!

Unless you have been living under an actual rock you have no doubt both seen and had your life effected by the unprecedented onset of CoVID-19.

Collectively we watched our cities, our countries, our world shut itself down and impose social-distancing protocols in our best attempts to beat an invisible enemy. While it has been done with the best of intentions, it is unrealistic and economically unsustainable to think we can live in a state of quarantine for a prolonged period of time and so we know at some point we will need to brave venturing towards a return to normal… or at least a “new normal”

This new world that will require considerations with regards to how we congregate, interact with daily touch-points and socialize in all aspects of life. We will have to make a choice. Cower in our homes afraid of everything and everyone OR Adjust, Adapt, Evolve and Thrive.

The team here at Let’s Get Back to Business Canada, chooses the latter.

Beyond any viral threat we sensed despair in the air and realized that our family, friends and business communities were caught off guard with the suddenness in which our lives were plunged into a global lock-down. Now as restrictions are being lifted and we prepare to go back to work we realize that we are not returning to the world we were just a short year ago. Business operations and customer interactions now need to be reconsidered and both Social Distancing and Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) requirements need to be considered.

Our mission here at LARRY’s is to help Canadian businesses get back to work by providing quick, reliable and affordable access to readily available products you need like Hand Sanitizer Gels, Disinfectants, Masks and more, so you can focus on getting open and getting back to work. Our dedicated team is constantly sourcing and evaluating new products and technologies to make our lives easier and safer.

If you would like to help please share our website with your friends and like/share our social media to stay in the loop for access to new and innovative products, health bulletins, specials… and some quality memes (because now is the time we can all use a reason for a good laugh)

We appreciate you choosing LARRY’S PPE Superstore for all your Social Distancing needs and will be here for you in these unprecedented times… #WeAreInThisTogether <3

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