The real estate industry faced a dramatic halt this year as a result of the dangers associated with COVID-19.

The common place processes in the listing, showing, purchasing and selling of real estate became over night taboo. For property owners the idea of multiple strangers entering and perusing their spaces posed a valid concern, and likewise potential buyers were hesitant to expose themselves to health risks associated with showings and meetings.

LARRY’s interviewed prominent brokers, agents and consumers in the real estate community to listen to their concerns and has put together a niche group of PPE and Social Distancing options to support Brokerages and Agents and rebuild consumer and property owner confidence in returning to participate in buying and selling.


SHOE COVERS – A great way to both protect your Client’s property and potential buyers visiting for showings is the use of disposable Shoe Coverings. These can be conveniently left by the entrance OR show true attention to detail with a Branded Shoe Cover Dispenser (depicted below)

HAND SANITIZER – An introduction, A Deal Made both customarily involve a handshake. Feel comfortable reintroducing that simple and sincere gesture that conveys confidence and trust by having Hand Sanitizer Gel conveniently on hand both with a 1L bottle with convenient hand pump at the entrance and Lavender Scented Hand Sprays as a take away for potential customers to keep on their person to remember you by.

COVIDKEY – An antimicrobial Brass tool designed to alleviate the need for contact in many common day touch-point interactions. COVIDKEY acts as a door opener, button pusher and stylus to manage touch-screens and makes for the perfect brand marketing tool empowering Brokerages and Agents to provide a quality, custom branded keepsake to show your commitment to relevant, innovative solutions that compliments the property’s new set of keys!

If you are a Canadian Real Estate Agent or Brokerage then you may qualify for instant additional savings on Custom Branded products. Speak to an Account Manager today for a product package tailored to your brand and business!

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